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How to Modify your PlanetAEP After Effects Project

Projects have been supplied as After Effects Template files and can be opened or imported as normal. Template files will open as 'untitled project'.

As always, ensure you save any currently open work when prompted to do so.

To import PlanetAEP comps into an existing project.

Choose: File > Import > File (or press Ctrl+I (Windows) or Command+I (Mac OS))

All projects purchased from PlanetAEP are supplied as HD1080 25fps format. To alter these settings, you will need to do the following.

Change composition settings on 'ALL' comps within your selected PlanetAEP project to whatever size or frame rate you require.

Choose: Composition > Composition Settings (or press Ctrl+K (Windows) or Command+K (Mac OS))

Select the duration required and open out all layers to match this duration.

If your new selected composition size is much smaller than the supplied 1080, in some circumstances ie. fractals, you will need to move the starting position of your first keyframe to within or just outside the visible area to acheive your desired results.

For graphics/Titles projects, select comp entitled 'Place Text Here' and edit this caption to your own requirements.

Reveal Keyframes on layers and move them out to fit your new chosen duration/speed of evolution.

If you experience an error that says a Cycore FX (CC) plug-in is required then you have not installed the full range of plugins that come with your original after effects installation disk and you have been missing out all this time. Cycore FX (CC) plug-ins are bundled free of charge with after effects full version but are not included with AE trial versions.

-- For After Effects on Mac OS: Insert the After Effects installation disc and double-click the Cycore FX 1.0.1 Installer application, which is located in the English/3rd-Party Tools/Cycore Effects folder.

-- For After Effects on Windows: Insert the After Effects installation disc. On the auto-play screen, select your language and click OK. On the main installation screen, click Install Cycore Effects For Adobe After Effects.

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